Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Monthly Playlist: September 2017

So, it feels like I've been a little distant from the ol' blog this month, although I've managed to get semi-regular posts up, they've all had to be scheduled, which means not writing for sometimes 2 weeks because life has suddenly become super busy. It's been the best and busiest month I've had in a looong time! It's actually been a bit of a blur, everythings gone so fast but this month has treated me very well, so, thanks, August!

August saw me finally leave the job I hated so much and start working full time. My new job is shift work, which is way more tiring than I ever anticipated! But it's so nice to not dread going to work!
I also went to Reading Festival which could possibly be the best experience of my life! If you've been reading this blog for a couple months, you'll know how much I adore music, so going to a festival was incredible for me. I saw my two favourite artists live, as well as finding new music to make my ears and my mind happy :).
Look how close we were!
Halsey's set was beautiful!
Yeah I totally cried because we were so close to Halsey, now, if she did see me she's gonna know me as 'that kid with blue lipstick and a hella ugly crying face!' The girl with me is Leo, who I met there, she was so incredibly nice to me and gave me lots of hugs while reassuring me that I wasn't being stupid I was just overwhelmed. Here's her Twitter.

Of course I had to drag my friend to see The Pretty Reckless (again), who were incredible (again)

 Fifth Harmony's new album came out this month too (on the day I went to reading, actually), which I sorta slept on for a while before listening to it in full and realising that there are definitely some gems!
I also realised just how amazing the blogging community is, the community is full of so many amazing, supportive people, and I'm so proud to say I'm part of it. So many things to be happy and grateful for this month, it's been happy :).

Anywho, lets get into the music I've been loving!
Bad At Love- Halsey I know, I know, you're probably bored of seeing this in my playlist posts, but seeing it live really brought it to life for me, there's also a music video for it now which I am diggin'!
December - Neck Deep
In Bloom - Neck Deep Neck Deep is one of those bands I knew I needed to listen to but never got round to doing it, we saw a little bit of their set at Reading (it clashed with Halsey) as my friend likes them and they played these songs and I actually really liked them! I'm definitely gonna listen to some of their newer stuff!
Lonely Night - Fifth Harmony
Angel - Fifth Harmony Their album came out, and although I'm not crazy about it, these are a couple of the songs I do like. Lonely night has this sorta sassy vibe (and I love me a good bit of sass!) and Angel has such a different sound to what they've done before and I am totally here for it! Also, did anyone see their VMA performance? Slaaaay!
OMG - Camila Cabello Okay, so I'm not her biggest fan, and I don't love a lot of her new music, but there's something about this song. I actually hated it when I first heard it, bu I find myself playing it more and more often, and now I'm really feeling it :)
Powerless - Waterparks
Royal - Waterparks
Little Violence - Waterparks Okay, so as if going to Reading Festival wasn't enough, I'm going to see Waterparks this month, so it's only right to play their music, right? These are my faves, but their whole album is a great listen!
Attention - Charlie Puth We have the radio on at work and this song literally comes on all the time, such a bop though!
Thanks so much for reading, do you love any of these songs? What songs would you add to the list?
Until next time,
Cait xx
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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Favourite Cleanser: Soap & Glory!

I've never done a skincare post, because to be honest, I'm not really too into skincare, (have you seen my skin?) but I feel like this cleanser deserves a special space on my blog. I've been using it for forever and I always go back to it.
This cleanser is the Soap & Glory Peaches and Cream Cleansing Milk (I know, quite a mouthful!), which you can pick up in Boots for £8 (there's an offer on at the moment where you can buy one and get another half price too!). I use it most nights (I say most because I'm super lazy and the amount of times I've slept in my makeup is both embarassing and upsetting - remind me of this next time I complain my skin looks like a pizza!)

For starters, it smells amazing! Sorta like sweets, sorta like happiness, and it looks cute, which we all know in the blogging world is part of the reason any of us buy anything. I also like that it comes with a pump, because it'd probably last half the time it does without it.
Generally when I use it, I take off my eye makeup and lipstick and then wash off my face makeup using the cleanser, and it does an amazing job! Sometimes (okay a lot more often that I'd like to admit)  I actually take off all my makeup with it. I does take a bit more time but works like a dream. I also love that it doesn't sting when it gets in your eyes lol, a product that stings your eyes should not be allowed near your head! (yes, Loreal 'No Tears' shampoo I'm looking at you!).

I've tried other cleansers, you can see behind the Soap and Glory one there's the micellar water one from Garnier, which is usable, but I find compared to this one, it leaves my skin really really tight, but not in a good way, and if I use it daily, it dries out my skin, which isn't what any of us want (it also stings my eyes, which i do not appreciate!)
I think because it's so creamy, the Soap and Glory cleanser moisturises your skin, my skin always feels super soft in the morning, which makes it a great base for makeup!
Although it looks more expensive when next to other, cheaper cleansers, I think it's worth every penny! I also lasts for months, so I don't feel like I'm spending crazy amounts of money on it. It smells nice, leaves you feeling super clean and moisturises, I'm yet to find a fault with this product, next time you're in Boots, I definitely recommend picking up a bottle!
Thanks so much for reading, 
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Picking Yourself Up on a Down Day

So as we wave goodbye to Summer and hello to the darker, colder months, I thought I'd do this post, as sometimes the dark, gloomy weather can have us feeling a little worse. We all have them, but the worst feeling in the world is when you can't seem to feel better. Down days suck, but they're part of being human. Because they suck so bad, I thought I'd share some tips on how to pull yourself out of those horrid moods!

  • Music!
Music is one of my favourite things in the world! When I'm in a bad mood, sometimes I wanna wallow in self pity and listen to sad songs that make me feel less alone, and sometimes I wanna put on something that makes wanna get up and dance that bad head space away! I do a playlist post every month that you can find here
  • Fluffy hugs
If you have a pet, why not show them some love? I don't know about you but when I cuddle my kittens (seriously, kitten hugs are the best hugs!), it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Definitely helps lift a bad mood.

  • Have a good cry
Sometimes the only way to lift a bad mood is to let it all out. I've been there so many times, curled up in bed, tears streaming down my face, but I always feel better for it! Just remember to have some water handy to ward off that awful dehydration headache you can sometimes get afterwards!

  • TV shows/Movies 
When I'm feeling a bit rubbish, I love to watch my childhood faves, or an easy to watch tv show or movie that I don't have to think too hard about. I generally go for the animated version of Alice in Wonderland (the obsession is too real, honestly), ratatouille or Drop Dead Fred (I used to watch it with my dad when I was younger and it always gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling we all love). It's always nice to give yourself a bit of a break and a few giggles!

  • Pamper Yourself!
I don't know anyone that doesn't love a good pamper, have a nice warm bubble bath (or shower), put on a fluffly dressing gown and face mask, maybe even paint your nails, and make your favourite hot chocolate (yes with cream and marshmallows, calories don't count if you're feeling low!) it never hurt anyone to show themselves a little love!
  • Be Productive!
Sometimes the best way to ward off those hopeless feelings is to do something productive. Maybe get ahead on that assignment you've been putting off, give the house a good tidy or re-organise your makeup. It's hard to get started but once you finish you'll hopefully feel tons better!
  • Dress up
What's the occasion? There isn't one. Do it for you girl! I absolutely love pulling out some makeup I don't often use and creating a whole new (and usually dramatic) look, at the very least, it'll kill time, and at best you'll feel like a queen!
My favourite palettes to do this with are the 'Rockstar' palette from Models Own, and the 'Mermaids forever' palette - which I reviewed here. The brushes in this picture I wrote about here
  •  Pyjama Day!
Alternatively, if that's not your thing, you could chill all day in your PJs? A PJ day never hurt anyone.
  • Cry to a friend
Whether you meet up with them or just have a phone call, friends are the best for cheering you up. One of my besties Vicky is amazing for this, I can start a phone call in tears and ranting and end it a couple hours later with the biggest smile from ear to ear. Friends are like little rays of sunshine!
  • Spend some online time with your favourite bloggers
This is one of my absolute favourite things about the blogging community, it's so full of positivity and love. Twitter is great, there's always someone to remind you of your worth on the days where you brain isn't willing to. Communicate, let people know you feel down, other bloggers always make me feel on top of the world, us bloggers are lovely people!

Did any of these ideas help you?
Thanks for reading, Have yourself an amazing day!
Until next time,
Cait xx
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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Leibster Award!

I was tagged in the Leibster Award by the wonderful Christina from Lady Daniels. I'm so excited to be doing this post,It involves answering 11 questions set by the blogger who tagged ou and then coming up with 11 of your own and tagging the bloggers you want to answer your questions. Let's goooo!

 The questions set by Christina:
What is your favourite makeup brand?
Drugstore: Rimmel, high end: lime crime  

What makeup product could you not leave the house without?
I've recently started a job that I'm not allowed to wear makeup to, so I'm getting more and more used to not wearing makeup, but when I do, highlight is my jam! so Imma say highlight :)

Why did you start blogging?
Honestly I've loved reading them since about 2010, and I love the idea of having a corner of the internet to call my own, it also gives me an excuse to be extra with makeup, which I very much enjoy lol

What is your favourite movie?
Drop Dead Fred, it was one I used to watch as a kid, so it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and happy when I watch it
Girl, interrupted is good too :)

Is there anything you have wanted to blog about but decided not to? Why? 
My mental health. It's becoming a lot more accepted in the youtube/blogging community which is an amazing thing, but I don't want to become too open with it, which I tend to do if I talk about it with someone that I feel cares. I also feel like I'll be able to be a lot more helpful when I'm stronger. At the moment I'm very up and down, and I don't think sharing it in so much detail will be too good for me or anyone that is struggling that comes across it.

Fashion Icon?
I tend to just wear what I feel comfortable with, I do take inspiration from Taylor Momsen though sometimes, I love edgy fashion!

Android or IOS? 
IOS, although I am thinking about getting an android phone for my next upgrade.

If you could meet one celebrity who would it be? Why? 
Halsey. The Pretty Reckless and Halsey are my absolute favourites, and I've already met The Pretty Reckless (yes it was the best day of my life and no I don't think I'll ever get over it) so it'd be an absolute dream to met Halsey too. She seems real genuine and friendly with her fans, ugh I just love her! 

Last song you listened to?
Most Girs Acoustic- Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee is fast becoming one of my favourite singers. I loved this song when it came out so I was stoked to hear of an acoustic version, and it was everything I wanted it to be! Girl power anthems are fab!

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Go for it! I was so scared to do anything I loved incase others didn't like it. Started a blog in 2014, deleted it because people from school had found out (could you imagine where I'd be now if I'd just kept at it? I stopped dancing because I thought I was bad at it. I've always been so caught up in what other's think and I'm only just now starting to let me be me. I wish I'd have realised this sooner!

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? 
Oooh that's a good one! Probably Winona Ryder.https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=676921040380909037#editor/target=post;postID=8932384398219633789;onPublishedMenu=reading;onClosedMenu=reading;postNum=0;src=link No idea why, I just really appreciate her acting skills lol!
Thanks Christina, I loved these questions! Here's mine:
  1.  What're you most proud of doing with your blog?
  2. What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
  3. What was the best experience of your life? Why?
  4. Tell us one thing you're excited for in the next few months
  5. If you had the chance, would you change your name? why?
  6. What's your favourite thing to do in the name of self care?
  7. Is there anyone you aspire to be like? Why?
  8. If money or time wasn't an issue, where in the world would you most like to visit and what time of the year would you most like to go?
  9. What're you most grateful for about the blogging community?
  10. Do you have any pets? Show us some pictures!
  11. What advice would you give for new bloggers?
Thanks so much for reading! I tag: Lyndsey, Seana, Liz, Samantha, Sarah Lauren, Jessica RoseDellanie and Becca.
Sorry it isn't 11 but I can't think of anymore people lol
I hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly enjoyed writing it!
Thanks for reading
Until next time
-Cait xx 
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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Makeup Collection: My Eyeshadow Pallettes!

I've done many posts about makeup, but I've not actually done a makeup collection one. As I own quite an impressive amount of makeup, I thought I'd do seperate parts. Today I'm showing you the eyehsadow palettes I own (spoiler: It's waaaay more than I thought I had!)
Top: In The Night, Bottom: Up In Smoke

 Both these Palettes are from W7, and both were a Christmas present. I don't use them too often as I find them chalky in texture, and 'In The Night' doesn't have great pigmentation. They're both a mix of shimmery and matte shades, I do like Up In Smoke for the colours though, the silvery shades are lovely!

I have one palette from Models Own and I love it! This is the Rockstar Palette, and call me tacky but I love the holographic writing on the front. It was really difficult to show the colour names in the picture as they're in silver writing but they're actually really easy to read when you have the palette infront of you. I've actually been using this palette a lot more recently and I like it a lot. My 2 favourite shades are the matte gray which is called 'Hyper', and 'Buzzing', which is a shimmery taupe-gray colour'
top to bottom, left to right: 'Salted Caramel', 'What are You Waiting For?' and 'Mermaids Forever'
If you follow my blog, you'll know that I absolutely adore Makeup Revolution for eyeshadow Palettes, they kill it! I have 3, the 'What Are You Waiting For' palette, the 'Salted Caramel' palette and the 'Mermaids Forever' palette. I won't go into too much detail as I have a review on the Salted Caramel' palette here and the 'Mermaids Forever' palette here. I love the consistency and pigmentation of the colours in this palette, the only thing I wish Makeup Revolution did was put the names on the palette, because they include a plastic sheet that has the colour names on but that usually gets lost lol. Have I said 'Palette' too much yet? Soz

 The last palettes I have are a few small ones, which I honestly don't tend to use too often. If you want to know my thoughts on the Tanya Burr one, click here, but the other 3 I rarely use. I actually don't know where the one of the far left is from either, it's one my mum gave me, but I do use that one on ocasion. The colours are good and super shimmery, I'll definitely be using it at festivals!

We're finally at the end! I didn't realise how many I own lol. Do you have alot? If you have a post on yours I'd love to see!
Thank's so much for reading!
Have a lovely day!
Until next time
-Cait xx
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