Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Best Blogs!

In todays post I wanted to share a little love, the blogging community is an amazing part of the interwebs, and I'm very proud that I'm part of it (allbeit a tiny fraction, but still)
I thought I'd share with you the blogs I adore that don't seem to get the atention they deserve, we've all read SprinkleofGlitter, Zoella and Gracie Franchesca's blogs (all amazing, btw), but these are some blogs that have brightened my life, and I hope will brighten yours!

Sincerely Seana
I've been reading this blog for years, and it continues to be one of my favourite ever blogs, I actually read it I can't sleep or am having a bad day sometimes, Seana's humour is the best! Kelsey, who runs the blog, came up with the name 'Seana J' when she first started blogging, she's only recently told us her real name and let us follow her personal social media acounts, although she still goes by Seana on her blog. I love it because it's funny and lighthearted (while weaving serious posts in where needed). Something about her writing style makes you feel warm and cosy and loved, even though they're just words on a screen -also her gif usage is on point, and her poems are amazing! She's also just an all aroud amazing person with a heart of pure gold!
Check out my favourite post here

Dolly Daydream
And the award for the cutest blog name goes to...
Amy is 21 and a history student and writes a combination of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and history posts. They're so simple and she's so real, her fashion sense is amazing and her makeup tutorials are super easy to follow. I love the amount of outfit posts she does too, somehow she seems to pull off anything!
Find my favourite post here

Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Rhiannon is another beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger who also does a lot of outfit posts. She's so down to Earth and her blog is amazing to read! My favourite posts, though, are her advice posts, she's so wise! And I always come away from these posts having learned something/ feeling better about myself. Her writing style is totally relatable to us readers, something that's super important to me when finding new blogs to read!
Click here to see my favourite post!

Becca's blog has only been going for a year but she's done so so well! She's so lovely, and you can tell just by the posts she writes that she has a heart of gold! And she's so positive -who doesn't need more positivity in their life? She recently got caught up in the attack that happened in Manchester :( but dealt with it so so well! She's such an amazingluy beautiful person inside and out, and her passion for blogging shines through each and every post she writes! Also, Beca can you teach me how to take such amazing pictures please?
Here's my favourite post of hers!

Ah, I do love a good blog/blogger. Who're your favourites? If you have a blog why not leave the link below, I can check it out and maybe it'll become one of my favourites too!
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Monthly Playlist: May & June 2017

It's been a while since my last monthly playlist, so I thought it was time for another as these are my faveee and I get to put a little update at the start :)

These past couple months have been a rollercoaster: I started a placement for my course at college and ended up staying as a volunteer because I love it there so much, took my little sister to see The Vamps (they were actually super good live -and Sabrina Carpenter was a support act - I've always wanted to see her live- it was incredible!)

It was an incredible night, spent with my friend Emma and my little sister Shannon!

Had to get some wristbands didnt we :)
Finished college, and had a ton of new music to enjoy. I also finally got my reading festival ticket, so I'm definitely going (I'm so so excited it's literally like all I think about. Halsey and The Pretty Reckless are gonna be there and I am PUMPED!) Oh, and I also tried the birthday cake flavour Fab ice lollies and realised what a blessing they are (not spon, but if they wanted to, I wouldnt complain!)
Let's appreciate their beauty please :)

It's also been a tough couple months though, my mental health took a turn for the worst (If you follow my Twitter, you'll have probably noticed lol) and I found myself in a pretty bad situation. I'm currently having regular doctors appointments (and now have a new possible diagnosis, which is scary), so I am working to get back on track. It just feels like there has been so many highs and lows in the past 2 months that it's been exhausting. Balancing working more and volunteering is getting hard while having to keep a check on my mental health, but the good thing is, I'm managing now. I'm incredibly lucky to have the best and most supportive people in the world, and they're helping me start to see that things will be okay, and that although this tunnel feels incredibly dark and lonely, there is light and hope, and it's possible to get to the end :).
Blog posts might not be regular for a while whilst I try to figure everything out, but I gonna try my very best to not leave for this long again. I'm gonna aim for once a week.

Anywho, now that's out of the way, I'm gonna get started with the songs I've been loving. Sit tight, this'll be long, there's been tons of new releases. My ears have been very happy :)

Bad at Love- Halsey
Alone - Halsey
Don't Play - Halsey
Strangers Halsey ft. Lauren Jaurgui
Sorry - Halsey  Can you tell that Halsey finally dropped her new album? We've been waiting for SO long and she definitely didn't dissappoint! These are my most played songs from the record, but I'm in love with all her songs! As expected, her songs are super real and raw, which is what I look for in music, 'Sorry' definitely brought up my 'hay fever' its so relatable to me, I think if you added up the times I've cried while listening to it, I'd have wasted at least a day lol
O.D.D -Hey Violet
My Consequence - Hey Violet
Powerless - Waterparks
Stupid for You - Waterparks Okay, so my best friend has an amazing music taste,she recently introduced me to Waterparks and Hey Violet and I'm in love. These are some of my favourite songs from their albums. I love music with a meaning (which if you've seen any of my other music posts, you'll already be aware) and you can hear the passion behind the lyrics from both of these bands. I'm actually going to see Waterparks in September -how exciting!
Down- Fifth Harmony I've always loved them, but who wasn't woried when Camilla left? But honestly it looks like they're doing just fine! Who else is pumped for their album?
I Have Questions - Camilla Cabello That being said, I am digging this song, not so much the other one, and I've seen videos of her performing some of her new tracks and I have to say I'm not that into them, but 'I Have Questions' brings out all the tears - so much emotion!
Like That - Bea Miller - We were finally blessed with chapter 2: Red! I'm in love, and this is my fave from the album, I definitely don't bop to his when I'm home alone *blushes*.
Can We Dance?- The Vamps
Last Night- The Vamps how could I see them live and not come back with a few favourites? These are proper bops mannn! Also isn't 'Last Night' just the anthem for teenagers everywhere?
Thumbs- Sabrina Carpenter I've loved this song since the album came out, but she's so good at singing it live so it's been on repeat since the concert!

Those have been my favourites recently, what music have you been into?
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Summer Tag!

So it's been like 3 months- Sorry! It was one of those situations where I got super busy with college (I've finished now!), work and voluntering and was left with little time, and then the longer I left blogging the more anxious I was to come back. I'm back now though, and I've scheduled a few posts. I'm ready to make this a kick-ass summer on my blog!
Today, as it's summer now, I thought I'd do a tag. I found it here and I'm excited to get into it!

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
 I'm not a huge fan of the Summer, but I do love a good bit of ice cream! Also the early mornings -I'm not too fond of the late nights, but the sun already having risen makes it a lot easier to get up for work at 4:30am!

 2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
I love the peach lemonade Costa do!
 3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer? 
Not really, I don't often go on holiday, we just chill here. Although, the beach is nice if it's not too hot. 

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
If it's too hot I tend to just boycott it, but strong highlight looks poppin' in the sun *love heart emoji* 

 5.  Dresses or skirts?
I never ever wear either, I just swelter in jeans or leggings! But if I had to pick, I guess skirts, they can look nice with some fishnets. 

 6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
I hate sandals! I just hate my feet to be honest, so pumps all the way! 

 7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer? 
 I prefer the way it looks down, but we just had a heatwave where it reached like 32°C and you'd have to be crazy if you think im wearing my hair down in that! 

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?  
Bold lips alll the way! I'm not great at eyeshadow anyways so I tend to just blend one colour onto my eyelid, add some mascara and I'm good to go, however lipstick it my favourite makeup piece (it's right up there with highlight), and I love that in summer theres opportunities to wear lip colours you can't even make wearable (I'm totally wearing blue lipstick when I go to Reading Festival!).

 9.  Favourite perfume for Summer? 
I'm not really in to perfume, but I do love some of the sprays Holister do. 'Lunada Bay' is nice!
10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
Tricky question, I don't really listen to anything different in the Summer. although I might listen to something a little more upbeat in the morning or something. I feel like 'Buy Me Diamonds' by Bea Miller is gonna be such a Summer bop! and is it rally Summer if you don't play 'Ain't it Fun' by Paramore a couple hundred times???

And that's The Summer Tag! I don't have anyone specific to tag but if you do it I'd love you to link me to your answers in the comments, or you could always comment with your answers instead!
Hope you enjoyed, I'll be back soon!
-Cait xx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Festival Inspired Lips: NYX Liquid Suedes!

So with Summer just around the corner and festival season beginning, I thought it'd be appropriate to start writing about it here on my blog. This year, I'm going to Reading festival, which'll be my first. I'm super scared but so excited, and it means that I'm giving the festival season quite a lot of thought this year. Recently I came across the NYX liquid suedes, and have fallen in love, I love having different colours to experiment with, and they're super affordable too -perfect for festivals in my opinion, and I definitely plan on taking mine with me!
I currently have 5 (although I have my eye on a few more). I find that the colour payoff with these is amazing, and consistent throughout all the colours. They're also super easy to apply, the brush is kinda bent a little at the end, which in my opinion makes them a lot easier to apply -I totally tend to struggle applying liquid lipstick usually!

Jet set is one of my favourites, a lovely navy blue colour, which I actually think really suits me and is surprisingl more wearable than it looks!
Stone Fox is my other favourite! Again, surprisingly wearable considering that it's a blue-toned grey colour. The blue tones are also fab becuase they make your teeth look whiter! :)
Of course, nothing's perfect, and there are a couple down sides. They do tend to smudge and transfer a little, which can be a bit of a pain, but they last on your lips all day, so I think I can deal with a little transfer for a long wearing lipstick! They are also quite drying, as are many liquid lipsticks, which is annoying, although I tend to just carry with me a clear lipbalm and put that on over the top of the lipstick when I can feel my lips drying out.

Little Denim Dress - A beautiful light blue colour!

'Sway', which is a bright purple!
 These are the first 2 I bought! Words cannot describe how happy I was when I found these as I'd been looking for a bright blue and purple for ages (I still don't know why!)
'Tea and Cookies' is the only wearable one I own, it's quite subtle for me as I tend to wear a lot of dark lipstick, but I really like this, it's nice to wear if I don't want to have to think about re appying, as they don't come off easily.
This is the only wearable one I own, it's super pink, which is like the lightest I'll go with lipstick (I'm a dark lipstick kind-of-a-gal, and nudes don't suit me at all!) I really like it and wear it often, especially on the days I don't feel like dealing with the hassle of constantly reapplying a dark lipstick.

These are honestly some of the best lipsticks I've ever tried, I actually haven't spoken to anyone that hasn't fallen in love with them to be honest. They have a super diverse colour range, which means there's something for everyone, and at £7, they're so affordable. I definitely reccommend them for festivals and concerts, nights out and for everyday wear.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what're your favourite lipsticks?
Until next time
-Cait x
*Disclamer: I was not sponsored by NYX for this post, I wish I was, but sadly, I bought all of these with my own dolla$$
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Blogger Tag!

A few days ago, I was tagged by the lovely Claire to do The Blogger Tag (please do go and check out her blog, it's wonderful!), how exciting! It's still crazy to me that people would think to tag me in these type of thing, so validating in the blogging world! You can check out Claire's post and answers here

Here are my answers to the questions!

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I've been blogging just short of 6 months (it'll be 6 months on the 15th of May!), so not very long at all. I totally feel like you can tell that from the way my blog looks too, I'd love to make it look more professional! I started because I love the idea of having a platform to share what I want. I don't know how to shut the hell up in real life, so, I guess it came naturally to me to have a space to call my own where I can just talk (or type) lol. I also adore makeup (seriously, I study health and social care in college, and when I was freaking out about what I wanna do when I leave in a few weeks, one of my teachers said 'well, you're always talking about makeup, you could go into that' haha!), and there's only so much I can talk about it to my friends before they get bored. A blog gives me a place to talk 'till my heart's content! :)
 Is this current blog your first blog?
No, it's actually not, I had one which I think I started in at the end of 2014, in my final year of school, but deleted it because a girl I went to school with found it and tweeted some horrible things about it. Luckily, since I'm not in school any more, I don't have to worry about that now!

What would you catagorise your blog as?
Beauty, and a little lifestyle too. I tend to just blog about what I feel like, it just so happens that that ends up being beauty most of the time.

Is it still the same kind of blog as when you started? 
Definitely! 6 months doesn't leave a lot of time for development!

Top 3 things about being a blogger?
Hmm, there are literally so many! I love the blogging community, for one, (I think Claire said this too, sorry Claire!), but everyone's so lovely! I feel really welcomed into the blogging world and that's so lovely! I seem to have made tons of blogging friends over twitter and everyone is just so full of light and positivity, not only when it comes to blogging, but more personal things too -if I'm having a super anxious/low day, I tend to vent to Twitter, and there's always someone there to tell me positive things, which is super helpful. Whenever I tweet about having a low day, I'm flooded with people telling me they're there for me, or telling me I can get through whatever's happening, and I appreciate that, a lot.
I also love that I can look back through this blog (maybe in years to come, since the past 6 months is very recent) and just remember things that have happened, almost like looking back at a diary. This is actually the reason I didn't limit myself to only beauty posts, I wanted to write about things that excited me and that I love and that doesn't always have to be makeup. I'll now never forget that night I saw The Pretty Reckless (nope, never gonna shut up about it, sorry!), I think that's so cool!
The last one is (probably a little cheesy), but just being able to read and appreciate everyone elses blogs. I'm not sure I'd have the same level of interest in others' blogs if I didn't write one myself, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into every single post they write. I just love seeing what others' are passionate about! There's something so heartwarming about reading how excited someone is about something, you know?

What is your favourite kind of post to write?
 I'm not sure. I do love a good tag, and I also love sharing music, but it's fun to take pictures of different makeup items so I really don't have a favourite. Ew. Why am I so damn boring?!

What is the hardest post you have ever written and published?
Honestly, I wouldn't say that any post I've published has been particularly hard for me to share, after my first blog got discovered, I decided not to share anything that I wouldn't want anyone in my personal life to find, because there's always a chance they might find it! Maybe April's Monthly Playlist post? Because I did speak about going through a breakup in that post, and I kept deleting it and putting it back in, it took me a while to decide that it was an okay thing to share!

 Tag 3 (or more) lovely bloggers!
To do this post, I tag: Lyndsey, Sylvie, Seana and Chloe, I can't wait to see your guys' responses!
I realy hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading!
Until next time!
Cait xx
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Monthly Playlist: May 2017

Crazy that it's May already!! April has been a rollercoaster month. I've had super low days and super high days, but I'm definitely feeling on top of the world right now! At the start of April, I started a placement at a day center for adults with learning difficulties, which I needed to do to complete my college course. I was super nervous (as I always am!) but I'm actually enjoying it so much that I've finished my placement and am now volunteering there! As well as that, I've challenged my anxiety a bit, I booked my eye test (I've not had one in like, a year and a half and I've been putting it off because I just find them stressful and awkward- I definitely need a new prescription, I've been getting the worst headaches), and I just registered to a dentist (I had to register again as I've not been for 6 years due to anxiety). This month's been productive.
I finish college at the end of May too, which is exciting, I've finally figured out what I wanna do next year (after months and months of stressing about it!), so I'm so much more relaxed now!
Overall, apart from some low days (damn anxiety!) April's been a good month. Productive months are the best months.
Anywho, lets talk about the music I've been loving (pssst; they're click-able too!)

1. Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld such a BOP omg! This song came out a few days ago and I LOVE it! I love the positive message she sends out in all of her songs, and in this one in particular, especially when she says it's okay to change yourself, she does speak truth, you do look greatest when you feel like a damn queen!
2. Hard Times -Paramore who doesn't love this song though? Just sayin'
3. Now or Never -Halsey would this be a monthly playlist post without mentioning Halsey? A lot of people don't like her new sound, but I actually think this song is fab, I think you can hear emotion in it, and, her albums are concept albums, there's more to this song than we know. I've also just realised that we have less than a month 'till we can finally hear her new album omg I'm sO READY!
4. Guns For Hands- Twenty One Pilots
5. Migraine -Twenty One Pilots I'll be honest, I'm not their biggest fan, but 14 year old Cait was OBSESSED. Like I said, I've had some super low days this month, and these 2 songs were on repeat. I love how real their songs are, as someone that gets depressed and anxious, it's refreshing to not hear these issues being romanticised, which happens all too often, unfortuntely.
6. Only You -The Pretty Reckless honestly, I'm so sad that this song was only a bonus track, It'd be great live. It's one of my favourites from their second album, and in my opinion, one of their best tracks in general.
7. Love Me -The 1975 how cool would this be to see live though? I love how frank The 1975's songs are. Refreshing compared to most of the pop music we have today amirite?
8. DNA- Lia Marie Johnson This song is slow, and real and sad. I heard this and cried for hours, you know when you hear a song and it just hits a little too close to home? It just felt like she took everything I felt and put it in song form. I remember hearing it and my chest actually hurt because of the emotion I felt. Such a beautiful song.
9. Song Like you - Bea Miller when Chapter One: Blue came out, this song wasn't my fave, but over the months, it's grown on me, and now I can't get enough! It's so catchy ugh!
10. Touch - Little Mix let's end on a positive! This song has been played everywhere recently and never fails to put me in a good mood! Wanna know where I am at any time? Probs dancing to this song. Such a feel good song!
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you've had a great April, and have a great May! What songs have you been into this past month?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What I've Learned From Wearing False Nails

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I recently tried nails for the first time, and it's definitely been an adventure!
I saw a friend wearing them the other day, and I really liked them! So naturally, her and I went to town to get some. I've always wanted to get my nails done, but couldn't justify spending so much on something I might not actually like, so getting these made sense to me. I have a love hate relationship with them.

Here's what I've learned whilst wearing them:

1. I took being able to do simple things for granted (I had to ask my mum to open a lolly the other day, typing is harder than I ever imagined, and getting tablets out of the blister packs they come in is damn near impossible!)
2. Picking up anything also becomes harder - I spent at least a minute trying to pick up one bobby pin
3. I have become convinced that I should be invited to join a band because the sound these nails make when I tap them against anything is heavenly and will be a valuable addition to any song
4. I can get out of doing the dishes by telling my mum it'll ruin my nails and that's a great thing
5. Not only will I struggle to do my hair, but taking my hair out at the end of the day will leave me feeling like I deserve a medal
Lol true story
6. It is, infact, possible for me to get more annoying - I just can't stop tapping these bad boys on every table I come across. Everyone else finds that sound infuriating but I love it!
7. Autocorrect actually can be useful, I have slightly less hatred for it now seeing as I can't type one sentence without a typo with nails
8. Putting on lids is also something I've had to get used to, the first day I had nails on, my family laughed as I struggled for ages to put the lid on the bottle of Diet Coke I had at dinner
9. I have no patience. Like 0. Nada. 
I had these before the purple ones and thank god they were just ones that I glued on because I had them on for a solid 3 hours before I took them off!
10. My nails are now the greatest addition to any selfie -I totally didn't realise I'd managed to get my nails in so many selfies until I looked at my snapchat story!

These are just 2 examples!
This was a slightly different post than I usually do, but I hope you still enjoyed, I really enjoyed writing this one!
Thanks for reading!
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit: Eyes

A post like this would've been super helpful to me a few years ago, when I was starting to get into makeup with very little money. I've already done one of these for face makeup (check it out here), but this post is gonna be all about eye makeup, and the gems you can pick up in the drugstore.

Before eyeshadow, it makes a world of difference to prime your eyes. Eye primer can often be pricey (think Urban Decay - which is raved about no end in the YouTube/Blogging world). NYX, however have one that's only £5.50, and is amazing! Admittedly, I have nothing to compare it to, but I'd totally recommend it! (Find it here)

There's tons of amazing brands when it comes to eyeshadow, the game has definitely been stepped up over the past few years! I have a couple favourites: Makeup Revolution and MUA.

Palettes are a godsend! Perfect because they have a lot of colours that go together so you can create a lot of great looks. The MUA pallete is called 'Hall of Fame' (it's actually my little sister's haha!), and it's a collection of their most popular shades. MUA's great because it's so affordable, and isn't bad quality. Obviously you're not going to get the best quality for such a low price, but it's definitely not bad. The pigmentation is great and it blends easily, the only thing I will say is that it wears off/creases easily so an eye primer underneath is a must!
The other palette is the 'Salted Caramel' Palette from Makeup Revolution's 'I Heart Makeup' range. Revolution is one of my absolute favourite makeup brands, and this palette has become my go-to palette! I've done a whole post on it here if you want to read more about it.

Eyeliner & Mascara:
I think the 'Great Lash' mascara is talked about to death in the world of YouTube and blogging -and for good reason! It has a really small wand, which is great for coating every lash -I always find with larger wands I get the mascara all over my face which is a pain! And this is only £4.99!
For eyeliner, I only use pencil to line my waterline, for this I chose this one from Rimmel, as I use it super often, and it's only £3.99! Bargain if you ask me!

These products are actually my little sisters, as I don't do my eyebrows, like ever.
Both of these are from Collection and super cheap (find the pencil here and the clear mascara here), and my sister said she loves them because they stay on all day!

That's everything!
I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful - let me know in a comment!
What're some of your favourite on-a-budget eye products?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Mystery Blogger Award!

I was tagged by Claire (see her post here) for the mystery blogger award (created by OkotoEnigma), and boy am I excited! How sad is it that I told my mum as soon as I saw the post? It's crazy to me that someone would see me and my blog as worthy enough to do this (too overdramatic? Okay, let's move on).


1. Put the award image in your post
2. List all the rules
3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their post
4. Mention the creator of the award and give a link to their blog
5. List 3 facts about yourself
6. Nominate 10-20 people
7. Notify each nominee by leaving a comment on their blog
8. Ask nominees 5 questions including a silly/weird one
9. Share the link to your favourite blog post you’ve written
Okay, let's go!

3 facts about me:
1. I have a twin sister (and no, we're not alike!)
2. I actually love the cold weather - even the crappy British summer is too hot for me! The heat kills me man! (I'm going to Reading Festival this year RIP me)
3. My twin and I were actually born at 28 weeks! I weighed 2lb 9oz and she weighed 1lb 3.5oz -we were super poorly babies!
Crazy how different we are right?
Claire's questions:

1. What are your top 3 favourite Instagram accounts?
I love Instagram (follow me here), my faves are: Lime Crime, Jefree Star (controversial but his makeup is INSANE!) and Sprinkleofglittr (I love her YouTube, and her insta is so positive and cute!)
2. What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your blog?
I've only been blogging for a few months, so I guess I've still got a lot of things to learn, but one thing that shocked me is how much time it takes! I wouldn't change it for the world but sometimes it's so stressful finding the time to write a post/take pictures when you already have 1001 things to do!
3. In your opinion, what is the best and the worst Disney film?
My favourite is ratatoullie! I could watch it a million times a day! And, another un popular opinion, but I really didn't understand the hype about Frozen -sorry!
4. Where is your favourite place to go?
I'm actually finding this super hard to answer! Honestly I don't travel a lot so I don't feel like I have a 'proper' answer to this, but my bedroom is always a nice place to be!
5. What kind of animal would you be and why? (Not what you’d like to be, what you think you actually would be!) 
Does Donkey from Shrek count? Because I never shut up and everyone contantly tells me how annoying I am haha! I relate to Donkey on a spiritual level, seriously.

My questions:
1. Do you believe pineapple belongs on pizza?
I totally do! I cannot comprehend how someone else doesn't like, its just so good!
2. Do you think you can have breakfast food for dinner?
I actually think breakfast food is the best food! I have scrambled eggs on toast for tea allllll the time!
3. If you could only pick one film to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Drop Dead Fred for sure! Such a hilarious and feel good film. I watched it tons as a child, so I'm not sure if it's still hilarious or if nostalgia makes it still so fab
4. Do you have a favourite makeup brand?
At the moment mine's NYX -their liquid suede lipsticks are AMAZING!
5. What're a few things you're excited for in the next few months?
I have tons coming up! Like I already mentioned, I'm going to Reading this year which is super anxiety inducing (I'm teriffied of germs lol) and also Halsey's releasing a new album soon -how can you not be excited! I have loads more, but this post would be super long if I said everything!

My favourite blog post I've ever written: This one, I'm sure everyone's tired of me talking about The Pretty Reckless by now but meeting them was the best thing I've ever done, and every time I read over this post, I get re-live how amazing the night was!

I nominate:
Seana from Sincerely Seana
Sylvie from Sylvie's Suitcase
Sarah Lauren from See The Stars
Alex from The Lipstick Lady
Rhiannon from Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Ann Louise from How Fitting
I actually can't think of anyone else, I'm sorry!
I hope you enjoyed the post, and I look forward to seeing the replies people come up with!
Until next time!
-Cait x
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Monday, 10 April 2017

Drugstore Makeup starter Kit -Face

A post like this would've been super helpful for 13 year old Cait, when I was just starting to get into makeup, so I thought it would be handy to do one of these myself to help anyone that's just starting to get into makeup, or are looking for some new makeup that won't break the bank. I've decided to split this into 3 sections: Face, Eyes and Lips, as not doing so would've made this a super long post. When they're all up, I'll link the other two. I think there's a huge range of drugstore makeup to choose from (-much more than there was a few years back!) but I'm gonna narrow it down for you and show you my drugstore picks:

 Couldn't manage to get a decent picture unfortunately
We can argue until we're blue in the face about whether or not this is essential but I'd say it is. My makeup goes on so much smoother and lasts a lot longer now that I use it. NYX is the only one I've tried but I love it! It costs £10 and has lasted me months! A little goes a long way and I couldn't imagine makeup without it now!

I have 2, because some people like to spend a maximum of £10 and some don't mind spending a little more. The first one is one from Rimmel and it's the lasting finish one. I did have a few issues when I first started using it -if you follow me on Twitter you'd know that I really didn't get on with it at all! The only thing I will say is that if you don't work quickly enough, it does go a little orangey which is a pain! The other one is of course my trusty No7 beautifully matter foundation. I adore it! I got colour matched at Boots so my shade fits my skin perfectly, and it's super lightweight and full coverage. Plus it lasts for e v e r on your skin. It's a little more pricey though at £14.50, but in my opinion, totally worth it!


I don't actually tend to use concealer too often, as I feel like my No7 foundation covers things pretty well, but I do have 2 that I use if I'm using a lower coverage foundation/not wearing any foundation/feeling a little more coverage that day. I'm sure you've heard of both of these tons in the blogging/YouTube world, but for good reason! For covering undereye bags, I love the Rimmel Wake me up concealer. It has a tiny bit of shimmer to make you look super awake (don't worry, you won't look like a vampire out in the sun- I love a matte face, but I still love this concealer!) and I love how well it blends and sits on the skin -and it doesn't break the bank at £5.49! For the rest of the face, I'd recommend the same as what everyone else in the beauty community would: Collection lasting perfection. I don't like this for under the eyes as it does tend to crease, but if my skins a little more angry than usual this is perfect. The only thing I don't like is the limited colour range. I'm inbetween 1&2, and the darker colours are also quite orangey, so if you happen to be an exact shade, I'd recommend getting the a shade darker and mixing the lightest colour (which doesn't happen to be the slightest bit orange!) with it.

Again, you're probably fed up to the back teeth of hearing about this product, but I love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It's so cheap at £3.99 and does its job well, why would anyone want to by one that's more expensive? The only thing they really could improve is the packaging. It's harrowing the amount of these that have crumbled all over my bag! I feel like transparant is a great colour to go for because it's most likely to match your skin tone, and sometimes coloured powders can cake up.

Oops! The sun definitely shows how dirty this is!

Definitely not essential but certainly nice to have. I love Makeup Revolution's highlighters. You can buy individual ones for £3 each, but I have the palette, which costs £8 and I love it! It has 3 colours in it, which have different undertones so you can choose which best suits your makeup look, they're also pigmented without being too pigmented, so they're easy to apply. My favourite is the pink on the right side as it's the most pigmented, and if you follow my Twitter, you'll know I love a good highlight! Plus Makeup Revolution palettes tend to have huge mirrors in them -handy!

I told ya this was gonna be long! I hope you enjoyed anyway!
What's your favourite drugstore makeup products?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Monthly Playlist: April 2017

Well, March was a bit of a flop, wasn't it? *apologises profusely*. It's been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged! Crazy! *again, apologises profusely* I'm sorry!!
This month actually hasn't been too fab, my assignments/work life have been getting on top of me (hence the huge break in blogging) and, I'm going through a break up (something you'll know if you follow me on Twitter). Not something I think is appropriate to discuss in detail, but this month has been TOUGH!
Although I'm still hurting, I'm gonna make this month better. If I can take only one positive out of this situation, it's that I've found my true friends, as they say 'hard times will always reveal true friends' amirite?
I did get sent some contacts from crazylenses.com this month. I'm not paid to say anything but I did wanna mention them. Unfortunately, I'm really really struggling to get them in (lol, I'm such a flop). However, I wanted to mention how quick they came- they came within 3 days, and with them, you get a contact lens holder and a bottle of contact lens solution. If you're into them I'd definitely recommend. I'm gutted that I can't use them! Would you still read a post about them? I have pictures and a post ready, I just can't review them properly as for some reason I'm really struggling getting them in.
Fun fact: I'm banning myself from buying any makeup for a while (except for the basics that'll run out, foundation, powder etc. ) No more lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes as I've readdly gotta save! Ugh.
anywho, here's the music I've been into this month (They're all click-able too, so you can enjoy them aswell!):

1. Smoke and Fire- Sabrina Carpenter yes, I know that this was on last months playlist, but I'd say out of all the times I've listened to music this month, it was this song like 70% of the time. A break-up song, fittingly. I also adore Sabrina Carpenter so is this really any surprise?
2. Ciao Adios - Anne Marie Another breakup song lol. This is one of those that I heard and didn't really appreciate, but then found my self listening to more and more, and I actually quite like it now, Is that a good or a bad thing? No idea
3. You're Such A - Hailee Steinfeld Remember in last months Monthly Playlist post I said I'd only heard one song by Hailee? Well, this month I decided to have a little listen to her EP and fell in love. I love all of it, but for soem reason this song makes me feel sassy, which is my favourite way to feel, so I'm gonna be listening to this for as long as I live.
4. Heart Out - The 1975
5. Love Me - The 1975 I love The 1975, I love how honest their songs are if I'm honest, these are my favourites off both albums (for this month, that changes all the time lol), nothing else to say, The 1975 are just one of my faves!
6. Mad Love - The Pretty Reckless If I'm honest, when I first heard this song, I wasn't a huge fan. It's different from their usual stuff (isn't their whole third album?) but after listening to it a little more it's become one of my favourites. Fun fact: I recently saw an interview where Taylor said it was inspired by David Bowie!
7. Weightless- All Time Low This is my ultimate feel good song, need I say more?
8. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco
9. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco If you were born in the 90s/2000s is it even possible not to be obsessed with Panic! at some point in your life? It's one of the few things that bring my siblings and I together - the way we come together to sing our rendition of I Write Sins Not Tragedies is something pretty spectacular if I do say so myself! The best bonding activity!
10. Misery Business - Paramore Because seriously, who doesn't love a good bit of Paramore?

I'm aware of how all over the place these songs are lol, I guess the month's been pretty like that, and as music is an emotional release for me, it seems that it's pretty fitting to how up and down my emotions have been, lol
Also has anyone else watched 13 Reasons Why? I sobbed for a good hour or so after the last episode! So well written/acted!
How has your month been?
Until next time
-Cait xx
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Friday, 17 March 2017

My Most Used Makeup Products!

Since I've bought a hell of a lot of new makeup in the recent months (a combination of having a little more money from working more hours and my birthday being last month!) I really liked the idea of letting you know what my current most used products are. I'm starting to get more of a feel for what I like and don't like and the brands/products I gravitate towards. These aren't all products I use daily, nor are they the only products I use, but these are ones I seem to be reaching for a whole lot recently.

This has been talked about TO DEATH in the Youtube and blogging world, but for good reason! It's only £3.99 which is amazingly cheap and it really does keep your face matte! It isn't completely amazing- I do use a setting spray or I find I have to reapply, however it's the cheapest powder I've seen by far so I'm not complaining! I'm also a huge fan of how it doesn't cake up your face -something I've experienced and hated with other powders!
NYX Soft Matte lip creams

I expect NYX isn't a brand I'd even have considered had I not watched youtube, when it came to the UK, it was a BIG deal! So of course I couldn't wait to try their products! I bought these not expecting the world, as they're only £6, and for a great drugstore lipstick I'd expect to pay closer to £10 but boy was I surprised! I own two in 'Rome' and 'Copenhagen' and I absolutely adore them! 'Rome' is my favourite which stays on alll day -I don't even reapply after eating! Copenhagen is the one I wear least out of the two. It does tend to wear off quite noticeably because of how dark it is which can be a pain, but the formula's really nice, dries matte but doesn't dry out your lips -what more could you want?

NYX primers

I've talked about these before,but I absolutely adore them! Affordable and really do the job. I've actually been trying out a sample of the porefessional recently and I didn't really see a difference between that and the NYX face primer -it's worth noting that I don't have oily skin though. Using this and a setting spray over my face really keeps my makeup in place all day!
I use their eye primer too and although I have nothing to compare it to, I think it's amazing. it's £5.50 and you only need a tiny bit to put over your eyes. Eyeshadow that previously creased or wore off now stays on for hours! I'd never go back to not using a primer, I'd say if you're into eye makeup it's totally essential!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Alas, I've found an alternative to my No.7 foundation that I keep droning on about on here! although nothing will replace that, this one is slightly cheaper, which I'm grateful for as I always seem to run out the week before payday (anyone else?). I did have some issues when I first started using it, but it's growing on me now. I definitely do see a difference between this one and more expensive ones, and it definitely does not stay on the face for 25 hours (as it claims to do - usually it's gone a bit patchy by the end of 8 hours!) It is super high coverage though which I like, and leaves a matte finish. If you're looking for a good drugstore foundation, I'd recommend this one, you can get it for just £8 from Boots!

Salted Caramel palette

I'm not gonna go on about this, as you can read my full review here. But this has become my go to palette. I'm yet to buy a revolution palette that disappoints me, as they always seem to get it just right. I will say that a couple of the colours don't wear for very long, but with NYX's primer underneath, I find they stay all day!

MUA Eyeshadow in 'Platinum'

This shows up grey in pictures but it's actually a lovely silver colour!

If I had more space to store single eyeshadows I would totally get some more! Can you believe that these eyeshadows are just £1? I bought this to wear when I saw The Pretty Reckless (read a post all about that here, I will never stop talking about that day!), thinking I wouldn't wear it again! I love wearing this over the lid and black in the crease for a night out, if you're not feeling quite as daring it's still a lovely inner corner highlight, and it stays on all day/night! If I do get any other colours I'll be sure to let you know if they're as good as this one!

Mac Prep + prime

This is talked about a whole lot in the beauty community. I never got it because £17.50 seems so steep for a setting spray, but my boyfriend kindly got it for me for my birthday and I love it! Although for daily wear/short days I still use my ones from Avon and Barry M, this works great if I work a long day/go to work then college/go on a night out. I've fallen asleep in my makeup after a night out before (my skin did NOT thank me! 0/10 recommend!) and my makeup has still be in tact the next morning!
Thankyou so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!
What're your makeup favourites? 
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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