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Tanya Burr Cosmetics | My Opinion...

When Tanya Burr released her makeup collection at the beginning of 2014, it was super popular among bloggers and youtubers, and just in general. I'd tried to get my hands on it but every time I did, it sold out super quickly. I don't know whether that's a general thing or just where I live, though.
I must admit, after a while, I sort of just, forgot about it. However, I asked for some for Christmas this year and was pleasantly surprised when I did get some of it! Since I've had it for almost a month now, I thought I'd review it on my blog (even if I am, like 3 years late to the party!), seeing as I love reading reviews, especially when I'm planing on buying the product!

For Christmas, I received 3 lipglosses, in 'Mistletoe Kisses', Vampire Kiss' and 'Just Peachy'
Out of the 3, my favourite and most worn is 'Vampire Kiss', although I do reach for all 3 of them.

If I'm honest, the texture isn't great. I watched reviews telling me they weren't sticky at all, and they are. One of my biggest reasons for not wearing lipgloss is that it tends to be sticky (a nightmare on windy days!), so I had high expectations for these. They're not overly sticky. Like, I can wear one all day and not end the day absolutely despising the product, but if even a little bit of stickiness drives you insane, I'd think twice before purchasing.
They're super pigmented though, which I wasn't expecting really. this makes them great to wear on their own or with another product. The staying power is also amazing. I can wear them all day and only have to top up after eating. Most of the time, I end up having to reapply and reapply lipglosses throughout the day as they just do not stay on. These are fab for those days you just have a lot to do and can't be bothered with the faff of having to check if your lips look okay every 20 seconds (we've all been there!) They also smell heavenly too, sort of like sweets. This isn't a make or break factor, but a nice scent to a product is always nice!
I also wanna talk about the brushes- I love them! They're sponge applicators, which I don't always get along with. These ones are thin and sort of a bit-flimsy? Making them really easy to use as you can apply the product to where ever you want to (I usually struggle with the corners of my lips, anyone else?)

Overall, although I'm not a huge fan of the texture, I would recommend them and give them maybe an 7/10?)

I have the eyeshadow quad in 'Midnight Smoulder' - a beautiful palette for smoky eyes. It has 4 shades: a creamy white shade called 'Star Gazing', a pale blue colour called 'Endless Sky', a deep purple called 'Midnight Navy' -I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be navy, but it definitely looks like purple to me, and a matte black (the only matte shade in the palette' called 'Into the Night' -which I think is an absolutely perfect name for a shadow and I love it!

The shades aren't super pigmented, but are really blendable and buildable, which is amazing! I'd definitely have an eyeshadow you can build the colour of and work easily with over a super pigmented eyeshadow any day! and for the price of £5.99 you can't complain! They also feel really silky smooth on your eyelids and stay on all day! I can apply these at 5am, and have them still look like they did then at 4 in the afternoon!

I absolutely love these and this palette has become an every day item for me recently. Although they're not pigmented straight away, it's definitely easy to build them up to the colour you want.
In particular, I really like 'Star Gazing' and 'Midnight Navy' and I use these colours often.
I honestly think these are some of the best eyeshadows in the drugstore (especially for their price!) and earn 10/10 easily!
FYI: An eyeshadow look with these eyeshadows totally compliments her lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss' btw!

What did you think of this post, would you enjoy reading more? Do you own any Tanya Burr products? Which are your favourites, or do you have any you'd recommend? Ah so many questions!
Until next time!
-Cait xx

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