Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Makeup Revolution's 'Mermaids Forever' Palette Review!

Long time no post. Unfortunately I've had a super busy couple weeks - I celebrated Valentines Day, turned 18 (and yes I celebrated for a whole week!!), saw Jack Whitehall and I've had assignments coming out of my ears (seriously, staying up till 3am is becoming a super regular thing!) Hopefully, though, things will slow down for a bit and I'll be back to updating my blog regularly!

I wanted to dedicate a post to this palette because I think it's absolutely beautiful -the 'Mermaids Forever' palette from Makeup Revolution (apologies because I instagrammed about this and am only just getting the chance - over two weeks later- to do a proper blog post!).
Yes I took this on the train -look how great the lighting was though!
My favourite colours are: 'Fishtail', 'Princess' and 'Harmony' (how cute are these names aswell!) 
Revolution absolutely kill it with eyeshadow palettes! I own a few now and I adore them -not one colour from any of the palettes have disappointed me so far (I've probably completely jinxed this now!) Look at those colours though -how beautiful! 
They're super pigmented too- although, I will say that the lighter nude colours aren't as pigmented as the brighter colours which is a shame, but they're all true to colour when you put them on your eyes, which is always good. And they definitely stay on you eyes for a long time. I tend to use a primer these days, but even without a primer they're amazing! Also, theres a mix in there of shimmery and matte colours (and enough nudes to make a couple looks aswell) making it the perfect palette to travel with if you're looking for one.
 The only thing I don't like too much is the packaging of the palettes. They're the same for each of them and I'm just not a fan -they get dirty really easily and it's difficult to differentiate between them if you're in a rush, but this is just me being picky.
I'm more of a nude/dark eyeshadow kind-of-a-gal, but I think it's nice to have some colours in your collection -at the very least to experiment at 3am on your own with -amirite? For £8 you definitely cannot go wrong with this palette! get it from superdrug here
 I hope you enjoyed this review, thankyou for reading!
Do you have a favourite eyeshadow palette?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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  1. I definitely need this palette, I barely have any bright eyeshadows and this one is so cheap!! Great post lovely xx

    1. Totally! That was what sold me on the palette to be honest, I needed more bright colours and Revolution's eyeshadow palettes are amazing!
      Thanks so much for reading!
      -Cait xx