Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What I've Learned From Wearing False Nails

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I recently tried nails for the first time, and it's definitely been an adventure!
I saw a friend wearing them the other day, and I really liked them! So naturally, her and I went to town to get some. I've always wanted to get my nails done, but couldn't justify spending so much on something I might not actually like, so getting these made sense to me. I have a love hate relationship with them.

Here's what I've learned whilst wearing them:

1. I took being able to do simple things for granted (I had to ask my mum to open a lolly the other day, typing is harder than I ever imagined, and getting tablets out of the blister packs they come in is damn near impossible!)
2. Picking up anything also becomes harder - I spent at least a minute trying to pick up one bobby pin
3. I have become convinced that I should be invited to join a band because the sound these nails make when I tap them against anything is heavenly and will be a valuable addition to any song
4. I can get out of doing the dishes by telling my mum it'll ruin my nails and that's a great thing
5. Not only will I struggle to do my hair, but taking my hair out at the end of the day will leave me feeling like I deserve a medal
Lol true story
6. It is, infact, possible for me to get more annoying - I just can't stop tapping these bad boys on every table I come across. Everyone else finds that sound infuriating but I love it!
7. Autocorrect actually can be useful, I have slightly less hatred for it now seeing as I can't type one sentence without a typo with nails
8. Putting on lids is also something I've had to get used to, the first day I had nails on, my family laughed as I struggled for ages to put the lid on the bottle of Diet Coke I had at dinner
9. I have no patience. Like 0. Nada. 
I had these before the purple ones and thank god they were just ones that I glued on because I had them on for a solid 3 hours before I took them off!
10. My nails are now the greatest addition to any selfie -I totally didn't realise I'd managed to get my nails in so many selfies until I looked at my snapchat story!

These are just 2 examples!
This was a slightly different post than I usually do, but I hope you still enjoyed, I really enjoyed writing this one!
Thanks for reading!
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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