Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Monthly Playlist: May 2017

Crazy that it's May already!! April has been a rollercoaster month. I've had super low days and super high days, but I'm definitely feeling on top of the world right now! At the start of April, I started a placement at a day center for adults with learning difficulties, which I needed to do to complete my college course. I was super nervous (as I always am!) but I'm actually enjoying it so much that I've finished my placement and am now volunteering there! As well as that, I've challenged my anxiety a bit, I booked my eye test (I've not had one in like, a year and a half and I've been putting it off because I just find them stressful and awkward- I definitely need a new prescription, I've been getting the worst headaches), and I just registered to a dentist (I had to register again as I've not been for 6 years due to anxiety). This month's been productive.
I finish college at the end of May too, which is exciting, I've finally figured out what I wanna do next year (after months and months of stressing about it!), so I'm so much more relaxed now!
Overall, apart from some low days (damn anxiety!) April's been a good month. Productive months are the best months.
Anywho, lets talk about the music I've been loving (pssst; they're click-able too!)

1. Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld such a BOP omg! This song came out a few days ago and I LOVE it! I love the positive message she sends out in all of her songs, and in this one in particular, especially when she says it's okay to change yourself, she does speak truth, you do look greatest when you feel like a damn queen!
2. Hard Times -Paramore who doesn't love this song though? Just sayin'
3. Now or Never -Halsey would this be a monthly playlist post without mentioning Halsey? A lot of people don't like her new sound, but I actually think this song is fab, I think you can hear emotion in it, and, her albums are concept albums, there's more to this song than we know. I've also just realised that we have less than a month 'till we can finally hear her new album omg I'm sO READY!
4. Guns For Hands- Twenty One Pilots
5. Migraine -Twenty One Pilots I'll be honest, I'm not their biggest fan, but 14 year old Cait was OBSESSED. Like I said, I've had some super low days this month, and these 2 songs were on repeat. I love how real their songs are, as someone that gets depressed and anxious, it's refreshing to not hear these issues being romanticised, which happens all too often, unfortuntely.
6. Only You -The Pretty Reckless honestly, I'm so sad that this song was only a bonus track, It'd be great live. It's one of my favourites from their second album, and in my opinion, one of their best tracks in general.
7. Love Me -The 1975 how cool would this be to see live though? I love how frank The 1975's songs are. Refreshing compared to most of the pop music we have today amirite?
8. DNA- Lia Marie Johnson This song is slow, and real and sad. I heard this and cried for hours, you know when you hear a song and it just hits a little too close to home? It just felt like she took everything I felt and put it in song form. I remember hearing it and my chest actually hurt because of the emotion I felt. Such a beautiful song.
9. Song Like you - Bea Miller when Chapter One: Blue came out, this song wasn't my fave, but over the months, it's grown on me, and now I can't get enough! It's so catchy ugh!
10. Touch - Little Mix let's end on a positive! This song has been played everywhere recently and never fails to put me in a good mood! Wanna know where I am at any time? Probs dancing to this song. Such a feel good song!
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you've had a great April, and have a great May! What songs have you been into this past month?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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