Saturday, 29 July 2017

Take A Look in My Little Sister's Makeup Bag!


I thought this would be a cool idea for a blog post, as Shannon, my little sister is 12 and just starting to wear makeup, and when I got into makeup I was the same age.
Lets delve into her makeup bag, then shall we?

The Avon tinted moisturiser was one I got gifted and was the wrong colour for me, however Shannon really likes it and uses it a lot. She also uses the collection colour match foundation every now and again, which is super affordable at £2.99. I this this is great for beginners because of the cheap price, and for what you pay, the coverage is great (even if it is a little orangey when not blended enough!).

Concealer and powder:

Shannon uses the same concealer and powder as I do because they're bomb! The concealer she uses is the shade darker than me though. She only uses the concealer when she doesn't have any foundation on though (what's the point of ruining her beautiful pre-acne skin?)

Eyeshadow and mascara
For eyeshadow, she has a couple of palettes that she uses, the MUA 'Hall of Fame' palette is a beautiful neutrals palette which has a a mix of shimmery and matte shades (perfect if you're just starting out as its only £4!) If she wants to add a little colour to her look, she uses this BeautyUK palette, which is lovely as the colours are super pigmented. I often come downstairs to blue eyeshadow under the lash line lol!
The mascara she uses is from Collection, although I've never seen it before. It makes her lashes look damn good though!

Lipstick (the best part)
My little sister owns an unhealthy amount of lipsticks (a side effect of having a lipstick addict as a sister maybe?) but I asked her to pick out her most used/ favourite lipsticks and she picked these. Her most used one is 'Mocha' by Avon (one of my faves too!), but she said she also loves the stargazer one (I couldn't find a name on it anywhere) which is a lovely purple colour that I very much approve of!
Alrighty, that's is, did you enjoy this post?
Thankyou for reading!
Until next time,
-Cait xx
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Full Face With Old Favourites

So, I watched Velvetgh0st's video on the same topic and loved it! (You can find the video here), and it got me thinking about the makeup I used to love and use on a daily basis, and I thought it might be fun to do the same thing but in blog post form. :)

Alrighty, so for years I was scared of using foundation, I was worried that it'd look cakey/orange/be too heavy on my face, so I went straight to concealer.

I, along with the rest of the blogging/youtube world, used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I actually still really like it, although I've moved on to other concealers, I think this'll always be one that I'll come back to, just like everyone else says, it's super cheap and has high coverage for the amount you pay. I was surprised at how smooth it went on and how long lasting it is. I used to just put it under my eyes and around my nose, applied with the ecotools foundation brush. It actually did a great job at concealing :).

After concealer, I'd just go straight to powder and be done with my face makeup. It was a simpler life back then. I'd use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

This is a product I think I'll forever love. I loved the matte look back then, so I'd cake this all over my face, making sure to add extra on my T-zone for good measure :). To apply it, I'd use the Studio powder brush from Superdrug, which I also still use to this day, although I definitely use less now ;)


 Damn I remember raving about these for ages!
 These were my absolute favourites! I had quite a few, but as you can tell, this one got a lot of use! I wore it every day for at least a year, I'd use a finger to put it over my eyelid, and then use the side of my finger to blend it a little . I do still think it's good but creases easily, and is very thick, so you get, sort of clumps on your eyelid. I found this quite hard to work with.

Eyeliner and Mascara
After putting on eyeshadow, I'd line my waterline, curl my lashes and put on mascara. I'd use the Supershock ones from Avon, I swore by that mascara for God knows how long. I'd hate to think how much money I've spent on it lol.

I actually don't like the eyeliner any more, it irritated my waterline, and was difficult to apply on the waterline because it smudges easily. The mascara, though is something I can still get behind. Despite being in my drawer for ages, it still made my lashes look fab. There was a reason I repurchased it so may times!

For the longest time, dark lipstick was my thaang. I wore it every day, but this one from Avon was always my favourite, and I reckon I wore it at least 2/3 times a week for a looong time.

It's still one of my favourite lipsticks, I love it for the staying power it has, and the colour is beautiful, although I wear more liquid lipsticks and nude lipsticks now, I think this is one that I'll definitely be wearing more often now. It goes on so nicely! The only thing, is that it is a bit drying, but what can you expect from a matte lipstick?

That was all the makeup I used to wear, easy huh? Honestly, I think I had the right idea, this took me like 10 mins, I spend at least half an hour, maybe more on my makeup each day now.
I will say, though, a good highlight makes selfies a lot easier, you don't wanna know how long it took to get this picture, and I'd say this was a 4/10, if I'm being generous.
How has your makeup changed over the past few years, did you used to use any products that you don't anymore? Has your routine completely changed? If you do this or something similar I'd love to give it a read! Let me know in a comment!
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

My Current Makeup Favourites - July 2017

So, it's been over a month since I blogged about makeup, and considering that's why I started this blog in the first place, I didn't think it'd be out of place to come back at ya with one this week!
I wanted to share some favourites with you, because they've changed a lot recently, I've been using products I didn't before as I've been too broke to buy any more lol, and I've rediscovered some gems!
 Lets get started then, shall we?

Real Techniques Bold Metals Eyeshadow Brush- 200

 Alrighty, so as much as I (and the rest of the blogesphere) love Real Techniques brushes, when they came out I didn't even give these a second look as they were waaay too expensive for my budget! I was lucky enough to get the eyeshadow set for my birthday this year, and lemme tell ya, there's a reason the whole beauty community fell head over heels in love with these babies. They're so soft! I use this one to put lid colours on and blend them into the crease and it blends like a dream! Also, they're so pretty! which is enough to draw me in! :)

Mac Strobe Cream in Silver
 Alrighty, so I got this as a sample when getting their foundation and setting spray and didn't really think too much of it but oh my god I've been missing out! This little pot is not even half done and I've been using a hell of a lot of it recently, a little goes a looong way! It can be used as a moisturiser or a cream highlight and I love it for both. Recently I've been using it as a moisturiser because cream highlight doesn't sit well on my skin *sigh*, but if it did, this would be my highlight of choice erry day! It's basically a moisturiser with a lotta shimmer and I am digging it. Seriously, who needs 8 hours sleep when you can fake that glow?

NYX and Rimmel lipsticks
Top: 08 by Rimmel Kate Moss, Bottom: 'Rome' by NYX
Okay, so by now it's no secret that I love NYX, I only own a few more wearable colours (see this post for the fun colours I own!), but I always come back to this one. 'Rome' is a little too dark to be considered neutral but I'm a dark lipstick lover, so this is pretty light for me. I love it because it applies so easily and is super long lasting, great for those busy days that you don't have time to touch up your makeup every hour. This will forever be a favourite I think!
The Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08 was the first ever neutral lipstick I ever bought. Sounds silly but I was always scared of neutrals, dark lipstick was my thing, so I guess it was the change. Dark lipstick was like applying confidence every day, so when I first bought this lipstick it took some getting used to. Now, though, I love it! Great for days when I don't wanna have to worry about my appearance, because even if it comes off (which it can do because it's creamy), it does so in a way that it doesn't look obvious. I also wear a lot of matte lipsticks, so I love this for if my lips are dry.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
 This mascara was all the rage a few years ago, and I never bought into the hype, after trying a couple mascaras that I was promised by bloggers and YouTubers would be amazing, but they just clumped my lashes and ran halfway down my face, I never bothered to listen to their opinions regarding mascaras, so I stuck with my firm favourite. I actually picked this up because I was suuuper broke a few months ago and this was one of the cheapest mascaras, and boy, do I love it! It makes your lashes really long, and I love the small brush, it means that you can get every lash, without worrying about getting it alll over your eyelid. It's also only a fiver which is amazing!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
I struggled at first with this one, I actually hated it when I first got it, I thought it was too thick and didn't blend well. Fast forward a few months and I wear it daily. It was thick because I was using too much- a little goes a long way! As for the 'full coverage' claim, it's coverage is amazing. I do still like to use a concealer under my eyes, because the coverage isn't comparable to more high end foundations, but for a drugstore foundation the coverage is the best I've tried. It's also super light, I can't feel it on my skin which is a huge plus point for me. I won't use a foundation if it feels too heavy.

Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palette

Everyone knows this is a firm favourite of mine, I adore it, and talk about it a lot! It's so cheap (£8!) and amazing quality. My favourites are the one on the left and the one on the right, they blend so nicely and give the most amazing glow. They go so well with the Mac Strobe cream!

I have another favourite too, My friend recently started a YouTube channel and I'm in love! It'd mean the world if you had a spare few mins just to check out her channel, she really deserves it! check it out here

That's it for my current makeup faves, what're your favourite makeup pieces? I'd love to know, I'm always on the hunt for new products to try!
Until next time!
With love, as always
-Cait xx

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Best Blogs!

In todays post I wanted to share a little love, the blogging community is an amazing part of the interwebs, and I'm very proud that I'm part of it (allbeit a tiny fraction, but still)
I thought I'd share with you the blogs I adore that don't seem to get the atention they deserve, we've all read SprinkleofGlitter, Zoella and Gracie Franchesca's blogs (all amazing, btw), but these are some blogs that have brightened my life, and I hope will brighten yours!

Sincerely Seana
I've been reading this blog for years, and it continues to be one of my favourite ever blogs, I actually read it I can't sleep or am having a bad day sometimes, Seana's humour is the best! Kelsey, who runs the blog, came up with the name 'Seana J' when she first started blogging, she's only recently told us her real name and let us follow her personal social media acounts, although she still goes by Seana on her blog. I love it because it's funny and lighthearted (while weaving serious posts in where needed). Something about her writing style makes you feel warm and cosy and loved, even though they're just words on a screen -also her gif usage is on point, and her poems are amazing! She's also just an all aroud amazing person with a heart of pure gold!
Check out my favourite post here

Dolly Daydream
And the award for the cutest blog name goes to...
Amy is 21 and a history student and writes a combination of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and history posts. They're so simple and she's so real, her fashion sense is amazing and her makeup tutorials are super easy to follow. I love the amount of outfit posts she does too, somehow she seems to pull off anything!
Find my favourite post here

Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Rhiannon is another beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger who also does a lot of outfit posts. She's so down to Earth and her blog is amazing to read! My favourite posts, though, are her advice posts, she's so wise! And I always come away from these posts having learned something/ feeling better about myself. Her writing style is totally relatable to us readers, something that's super important to me when finding new blogs to read!
Click here to see my favourite post!

Becca's blog has only been going for a year but she's done so so well! She's so lovely, and you can tell just by the posts she writes that she has a heart of gold! And she's so positive -who doesn't need more positivity in their life? She recently got caught up in the attack that happened in Manchester :( but dealt with it so so well! She's such an amazingluy beautiful person inside and out, and her passion for blogging shines through each and every post she writes! Also, Beca can you teach me how to take such amazing pictures please?
Here's my favourite post of hers!

Ah, I do love a good blog/blogger. Who're your favourites? If you have a blog why not leave the link below, I can check it out and maybe it'll become one of my favourites too!
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Monthly Playlist: July 2017

It's been a while since my last monthly playlist, so I thought it was time for another as these are my faveee and I get to put a little update at the start :)

These past couple months have been a rollercoaster: I started a placement for my course at college and ended up staying as a volunteer because I love it there so much, took my little sister to see The Vamps (they were actually super good live -and Sabrina Carpenter was a support act - I've always wanted to see her live- it was incredible!)

It was an incredible night, spent with my friend Emma and my little sister Shannon!

Had to get some wristbands didnt we :)
Finished college, and had a ton of new music to enjoy. I also finally got my reading festival ticket, so I'm definitely going (I'm so so excited it's literally like all I think about. Halsey and The Pretty Reckless are gonna be there and I am PUMPED!) Oh, and I also tried the birthday cake flavour Fab ice lollies and realised what a blessing they are (not spon, but if they wanted to, I wouldnt complain!)
Let's appreciate their beauty please :)

It's also been a tough couple months though, my mental health took a turn for the worst (If you follow my Twitter, you'll have probably noticed lol) and I found myself in a pretty bad situation. I'm currently having regular doctors appointments (and now have a new possible diagnosis, which is scary), so I am working to get back on track. It just feels like there has been so many highs and lows in the past 2 months that it's been exhausting. Balancing working more and volunteering is getting hard while having to keep a check on my mental health, but the good thing is, I'm managing now. I'm incredibly lucky to have the best and most supportive people in the world, and they're helping me start to see that things will be okay, and that although this tunnel feels incredibly dark and lonely, there is light and hope, and it's possible to get to the end :).
Blog posts might not be regular for a while whilst I try to figure everything out, but I gonna try my very best to not leave for this long again. I'm gonna aim for once a week.

Anywho, now that's out of the way, I'm gonna get started with the songs I've been loving. Sit tight, this'll be long, there's been tons of new releases. My ears have been very happy :)

Bad at Love- Halsey
Alone - Halsey
Don't Play - Halsey
Strangers Halsey ft. Lauren Jaurgui
Sorry - Halsey  Can you tell that Halsey finally dropped her new album? We've been waiting for SO long and she definitely didn't dissappoint! These are my most played songs from the record, but I'm in love with all her songs! As expected, her songs are super real and raw, which is what I look for in music, 'Sorry' definitely brought up my 'hay fever' its so relatable to me, I think if you added up the times I've cried while listening to it, It'd have been at least a day lol
O.D.D -Hey Violet
My Consequence - Hey Violet
Powerless - Waterparks
Stupid for You - Waterparks Okay, so my best friend has an amazing music taste,she recently introduced me to Waterparks and Hey Violet and I'm in love. These are some of my favourite songs from their albums. I love music with a meaning (which if you've seen any of my other music posts, you'll already be aware) and you can hear the passion behind the lyrics from both of these bands. I'm actually going to see Waterparks in September -how exciting!
Down- Fifth Harmony I've always loved them, but who wasn't woried when Camilla left? But honestly it looks like they're doing just fine! Who else is pumped for their album?
I Have Questions - Camilla Cabello That being said, I am digging this song, not so much the other one, and I've seen videos of her performing some of her new tracks and I have to say I'm not that into them, but 'I Have Questions' brings out all the tears - so much emotion!
Like That - Bea Miller - We were finally blessed with chapter 2: Red! I'm in love, and this is my fave from the album, I definitely don't bop to his when I'm home alone *blushes*.
Can We Dance?- The Vamps
Last Night- The Vamps how could I see them live and not come back with a few favourites? These are proper bops mannn! Also isn't 'Last Night' just the anthem for teenagers everywhere?
Thumbs- Sabrina Carpenter I've loved this song since the album came out, but she's so good at singing it live so it's been on repeat since the concert!

Those have been my favourites recently, what music have you been into?
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Summer Tag!

So it's been like 3 months- Sorry! It was one of those situations where I got super busy with college (I've finished now!), work and voluntering and was left with little time, and then the longer I left blogging the more anxious I was to come back. I'm back now though, and I've scheduled a few posts. I'm ready to make this a kick-ass summer on my blog!
Today, as it's summer now, I thought I'd do a tag. I found it here and I'm excited to get into it!

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
 I'm not a huge fan of the Summer, but I do love a good bit of ice cream! Also the early mornings -I'm not too fond of the late nights, but the sun already having risen makes it a lot easier to get up for work at 4:30am!

 2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
I love the peach lemonade Costa do!
 3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer? 
Not really, I don't often go on holiday, we just chill here. Although, the beach is nice if it's not too hot. 

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
If it's too hot I tend to just boycott it, but strong highlight looks poppin' in the sun *love heart emoji* 

 5.  Dresses or skirts?
I never ever wear either, I just swelter in jeans or leggings! But if I had to pick, I guess skirts, they can look nice with some fishnets. 

 6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
I hate sandals! I just hate my feet to be honest, so pumps all the way! 

 7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer? 
 I prefer the way it looks down, but we just had a heatwave where it reached like 32°C and you'd have to be crazy if you think im wearing my hair down in that! 

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?  
Bold lips alll the way! I'm not great at eyeshadow anyways so I tend to just blend one colour onto my eyelid, add some mascara and I'm good to go, however lipstick it my favourite makeup piece (it's right up there with highlight), and I love that in summer theres opportunities to wear lip colours you can't even make wearable (I'm totally wearing blue lipstick when I go to Reading Festival!).

 9.  Favourite perfume for Summer? 
I'm not really in to perfume, but I do love some of the sprays Holister do. 'Lunada Bay' is nice!
10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
Tricky question, I don't really listen to anything different in the Summer. although I might listen to something a little more upbeat in the morning or something. I feel like 'Buy Me Diamonds' by Bea Miller is gonna be such a Summer bop! and is it rally Summer if you don't play 'Ain't it Fun' by Paramore a couple hundred times???

And that's The Summer Tag! I don't have anyone specific to tag but if you do it I'd love you to link me to your answers in the comments, or you could always comment with your answers instead!
Hope you enjoyed, I'll be back soon!
-Cait xx