Saturday, 29 July 2017

Take A Look in My Little Sister's Makeup Bag!


I thought this would be a cool idea for a blog post, as Shannon, my little sister is 12 and just starting to wear makeup, and when I got into makeup I was the same age.
Lets delve into her makeup bag, then shall we?

The Avon tinted moisturiser was one I got gifted and was the wrong colour for me, however Shannon really likes it and uses it a lot. She also uses the collection colour match foundation every now and again, which is super affordable at £2.99. I this this is great for beginners because of the cheap price, and for what you pay, the coverage is great (even if it is a little orangey when not blended enough!).

Concealer and powder:

Shannon uses the same concealer and powder as I do because they're bomb! The concealer she uses is the shade darker than me though. She only uses the concealer when she doesn't have any foundation on though (what's the point of ruining her beautiful pre-acne skin?)

Eyeshadow and mascara
For eyeshadow, she has a couple of palettes that she uses, the MUA 'Hall of Fame' palette is a beautiful neutrals palette which has a a mix of shimmery and matte shades (perfect if you're just starting out as its only £4!) If she wants to add a little colour to her look, she uses this BeautyUK palette, which is lovely as the colours are super pigmented. I often come downstairs to blue eyeshadow under the lash line lol!
The mascara she uses is from Collection, although I've never seen it before. It makes her lashes look damn good though!

Lipstick (the best part)
My little sister owns an unhealthy amount of lipsticks (a side effect of having a lipstick addict as a sister maybe?) but I asked her to pick out her most used/ favourite lipsticks and she picked these. Her most used one is 'Mocha' by Avon (one of my faves too!), but she said she also loves the stargazer one (I couldn't find a name on it anywhere) which is a lovely purple colour that I very much approve of!
Alrighty, that's is, did you enjoy this post?
Thankyou for reading!
Until next time,
-Cait xx
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  1. Aw this was such a cute idea and I had so much fun reading, made me think about me when I was just getting into makeup and would carry around them Barry M Glitter Pots 😂
    -Jess xx

    1. Thankyou!Oh man I'd forgotten about them hahah they were every girls staple item along with orange af foundation!
      -Cait xx