Tuesday, 8 August 2017

5 Makeup Tips for Sick Days

We all know what we should be doing when we're not well- resting up with Netflix and soup in bed, but some days you just gotta adult, even when you feel rubbish.
I don't know about you, but I don't feel fab leaving the house without makeup if I'm ill, however, no one wants to cake on loads when you're already feeling bad.

Here's the tips I stick to for looking presentable when I'm feeling my worst:

1. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise a little more.

When you're not well, your skin tends to dry out, especially around your nose (from being sniffly) and your lips, so face moisturiser and lip balm is a must every day, but especially on sick days. I like to use Nivea, but feel free to use the brand of your choice. Moisturisers with a little shimmer in them can help you look more glowy too, I have a sample of Mac's strobe cream that I sometimes use for this purpose

2. Lightweight Base

The best thing is not to put on the heavy base that many of us regularly do, instead opt for a bit of concealer to cover up those dark bags under your eyes and red nose. I love Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer on a daily basis, but even more when I already look zombiefied. It has little shimmers in it that help you to look glowy. If you feel like you absolutely need a foundation, I like to mix mine in with my moisturiser, it'll lessen the coverage a little, but it won't feel so heavy and your skin will thank you for it! Oh and use a setting spray too rather than a powder, it'll be more hydrating for you skin (I'd suggest carrying it around with you too.)

3. Highlight

I'd leave the rest of the face makeup, but for me highlight is key, it just makes you look a little more radiant. You can get coloured highlights too which can act as a blush and highlight in one. My favourites are from MUA and Makeup Revolution

4. Eyes

Chances are, your eyes are irritated and puffy, so skip the eyeliner and shadow and just apply a little mascara (and maybe some inner corner highlight). What's the point in irritating your eyes even more than they already are?

5. Lips

Your lips are the first thing to dry out, so use a moisturising tinted lip balm if you don't mind being minimalistic. If you're a lipstick lover (like me) use a creamier lipstick. Matte ones will dry out your lips further and flake off anyway. I also like to use more nude colours, as these are low maintenance and aren't so noticeable if they wear off throughout the day.
Ft: The MUA highlight and the Revolution lipstick in 'Lips That Won't Lie'. And a silly picture because why the hell not?

That's it for my sick day makeup tips, I could go on but I didn't want to let this post go on for too long. Let me know if you'd like a part 2, or maybe a post on general sick day tips (can you tell I've not been well lately?)
What do you do when you're not well? Leave a comment letting me know!
Thank's so much for reading, if you're reading because you're ill, I hope you feel better soon.
Have an awesome day!
-Cait xx

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