Saturday, 12 August 2017

Collective Superdrug Haul

So just like every other UK blogger, I was stoked to hear that Superdrug are stocking ELF products. I used to love them, but they became harder to get in the UK so I just forgot about them. A couple weeks ago I decided to go to Superdrug to see what products we have, and here we are!

I actually didn't end up getting any ELF products :(. My store isn't too big, so doesn't stock that much, and a lot of the products we did have weren't in stock. I desperately wanted to try their foundation, but they had every shade but mine, and their highlighter, which of course wasn't in stock. I did get a few nice things though.

Lets get the most boring thing out the way first.
 I had to repurchase my moisturiser. I usually get this one or the simple one. Either one is usually on offer in Superdrug, so that's a plus!

Next I repurchased my foundation. I've been super into Rimmel's Lasting Perfection foundation.Although my first impression wasn't great, I've grown to love it. The colour is perfect for my skin and I don't find it streaky or thick like other Rimmel one's I've tried (I guess foundation is just trial and error as everyone's skin is different). My colour is 100 Ivory because I pale af (and I high-key like it that way)

I then thought I'd try Maybelline's Fit Me foundation, which I also got in the palest shade, hoping it would suit my skin as they didn't have any testers? (Spoiler, it does and I'm liking it, not as much as the Rimmel one, but hey, maybe this'll grow on me too!)

The only makeup sponge I ever owned was the Real Techniques one a few years ago, which I did like, but I wanted to try another shape, so I also got Superdrugs own brand makeup sponge (It was actually a toss up between this one and the ELF one, the deciding factor was that this one was purple and the ELF one was pink. Shallow? Probably)
Naturally, the day after I got it, I tried it with the new foundation, and I really liked it! I was shocked that it worked so well when it cost only £3. However, unfortunately, after I washed it, I realised that there was a hole in the side (from washing it, it definitely wasn't there before!). Did I wash it wrong? I have no idea but it did make me quite sad. It's still usable, don't get me wrong. But how frustrating!

The next thing I got was 2 new lipsticks. Anyone that knows anything about me knows that lipstick is my thaaang, so naturally, I couldn't leave the store without picking one up.
I tried this one the day after I got it as I had a wedding reception, and lemme tell ya, this is a steal! I got this for £1.99 and its fast becoming one of my favourites! Apart from the packaging (the bright pink looks sorta tacky/childish in my opinion), everything about it is amazing! It applies well and super quickly and the staying power is insane! I put this on at about 6:30pm, went off to the wedding reception, got a bunch of compliments (no one believed me when I said it was 2 pounds!), ate some food, drank a loot of alcohol and it was still on when I came home at midnight, and wasn't drying on my lips either. If you can deal with the packaging, I strongly recommend the product. Amazing!
Because I loved this so much, when I went back into Superdrug again, I picked up another one!
 This one is much lighter and more of a nude shade. On your hand and in the tube it looks orange, but on your lips it's more pinky - my favourite type of nude. I love these so so much!
From MUA, I obviously had to get some highlighters! At £3 each they're amazing too!
The first one, called 'Pearlescent Sheen', has a blue-ish tint which I didn't notice in the store, so this osn't going to be an everyday highlight, but think how lit I'll look when I have blue lipstick ar Reading fest and a litle of this on my cupid's bow! Excitinggg
Pink highlight is one of my faves, so I also picked up 'Pink Shimmer', which has silver in it and looks so pretty in the light!
I also got a brow pencil, as I finally decided that I'm gonna start having my eyebrows done (does anyone have any tips on filling them in?). I don't have any pictures, but unfortunately it's too dark for me :(
Moving on, because I spent over £10 on MUA products, I got a free palette too!
The top two colours are used for contour (which I don't have anything for so that's exciting!) Then from left to right, at the bottom theres: highlight, blush, and 2 eyeshadows. I'm hoping this will be really good because how amazing would this be for on the go though?

Phew! Thanks for sticking around for that crazy long post! Have you tried any of these products? Lemme know what you think!
Have a wonderful day loves!
-Cait xx
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  1. Them MUA highlighters are stunning & amazing for only £3!! Love the rimmel foundation too it's great coveragešŸ™Œ

    1. They really are! I love the pink one!
      Have a lovely day hun! <3
      -Cait xx