Saturday, 19 August 2017

Makeup Collection: My Eyeshadow Pallettes!

I've done many posts about makeup, but I've not actually done a makeup collection one. As I own quite an impressive amount of makeup, I thought I'd do seperate parts. Today I'm showing you the eyehsadow palettes I own (spoiler: It's waaaay more than I thought I had!)
Top: In The Night, Bottom: Up In Smoke

 Both these Palettes are from W7, and both were a Christmas present. I don't use them too often as I find them chalky in texture, and 'In The Night' doesn't have great pigmentation. They're both a mix of shimmery and matte shades, I do like Up In Smoke for the colours though, the silvery shades are lovely!

I have one palette from Models Own and I love it! This is the Rockstar Palette, and call me tacky but I love the holographic writing on the front. It was really difficult to show the colour names in the picture as they're in silver writing but they're actually really easy to read when you have the palette infront of you. I've actually been using this palette a lot more recently and I like it a lot. My 2 favourite shades are the matte gray which is called 'Hyper', and 'Buzzing', which is a shimmery taupe-gray colour'
top to bottom, left to right: 'Salted Caramel', 'What are You Waiting For?' and 'Mermaids Forever'
If you follow my blog, you'll know that I absolutely adore Makeup Revolution for eyeshadow Palettes, they kill it! I have 3, the 'What Are You Waiting For' palette, the 'Salted Caramel' palette and the 'Mermaids Forever' palette. I won't go into too much detail as I have a review on the Salted Caramel' palette here and the 'Mermaids Forever' palette here. I love the consistency and pigmentation of the colours in this palette, the only thing I wish Makeup Revolution did was put the names on the palette, because they include a plastic sheet that has the colour names on but that usually gets lost lol. Have I said 'Palette' too much yet? Soz

 The last palettes I have are a few small ones, which I honestly don't tend to use too often. If you want to know my thoughts on the Tanya Burr one, click here, but the other 3 I rarely use. I actually don't know where the one of the far left is from either, it's one my mum gave me, but I do use that one on ocasion. The colours are good and super shimmery, I'll definitely be using it at festivals!

We're finally at the end! I didn't realise how many I own lol. Do you have alot? If you have a post on yours I'd love to see!
Thank's so much for reading!
Have a lovely day!
Until next time
-Cait xx
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